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Note: If an external vendor will be visiting the site, a compliant COI must be submitted in advance. COIs can be submitted at the following:
COI Submission
Password: Riverfront

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Note: Please specify if you would like a security guard to provide access into tenant space. Otherwise, vendor will be granted building access only. If a security detail is needed, please check the box at the top of the form.

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Note: This field is required should an engineer be needed for assistance with scheduled work.

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Note: Impairment requests should be submitted with at least 48-hour notice.

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As a reminder, the following rules are in effect for all work done at Riverfront Office Park:

· No parking is allowed in loading docks or parking garage. Unload and find parking off-site. Security will have your vehicle or company vehicle towed unless there has been approval from the building management.

· All sub-contractors must sign in and out with each visit.

· Any sub-contractor must provide their own COI with building requirements.

· Superintendent for each project must check in before access is granted to sub-contractors.

· All access forms must be submitted by the tenant or a representative authorized by the tenant.