General Office Security

The following are suggestions to help deter theft within your office space:

  1. Lock all entrance/exit doors when leaving at night.
  2. Handbags, coats, and other articles of value should not be left unguarded, especially in reception areas, even for a few minutes.  Portable articles, when left on desks or in open drawers, are easy targets for theft. While no measures are completely failsafe, locking desks and filing cabinets, as well as keeping all cash boxes unlabeled, out of sight, in secure, locked areas is highly recommended.
  3. Keys, office access cards and garage access cards should be collected as soon as possible from employees leaving the service of your company.
  4. Take extra care in securing areas with portable electronic devices.  Laptops, PDA’s, cell phones and music devices are attractive targets for theft.  Locking mechanisms and alarms can be obtained from your computer supplier.
  5. Notify the Property Management Office or Security immediately of any strangers loitering in the building, as well as any loss of property.
  6. No petitioning or soliciting of any kind is permitted in the building.  Please contact the Property Management Office if any solicitations occur.