Tenant Alterations

The property is staffed to accommodate the operational requirements of a first class commercial office building and to maintain a standard level of Tenant services beyond the basic building services that are provided as part of the Tenant’s lease agreement.

Tenants have the option of contracting additional services to outside companies that have been approved in advance by the management office and that have submitted a Certificate of Insurance listing RREEF America REIT II Corp. PPP, RREEF Management L.L.C., RREEF America L.L.C., CB Richard Ellis, Inc and CB Richard Ellis - N.E. Partners, LP as additionally insured.  However, all construction, alterations or modifications are subject to approval and coordination by the Property Management Office.  All work that involves base-building systems (i.e. sprinklers, life safety equipment, electrical and plumbing lines, HVAC, etc…) must be coordinated through the Property Management Office.