Building Signage

Building Directory Signage:
Tenant shall be allowed one (1) entry on the ground floor digital directory. The Property Management Office shall coordinate the programming of Tenant’s name and floor location. Any additional entries or changes in name (including omissions) required by the Tenant shall be at the sole cost of the Tenant.

Floor Signage:
Due to the limited space, only the Tenant under Lease shall be provided with a strip on the template elevator lobby sign on each floor.  The initial cost of the signage shall be provided by the Landlord.  Any changes to the original order shall be at the Tenant’s expense.

Tenant Signage:
All Tenant signage on multi-tenant floors and common areas must meet with the following guidelines:

  1. Tenant signage should not be illuminated in any way.
  2. Tenant signage shall not exceed 24” (W) x 12” (L).
  3. All signage shall either be located to the left of Tenant’s entry door or affixed to the Tenant’s entry door.
  4. All Tenant signage is subject to prior written approval by the Landlord. Any signage without Landlord approval is subject to removal at sole cost of the Tenant.
  5. All Tenant signage shall be designed, fabricated, installed, and maintained by the Tenant at Tenant’s sole cost and expense.
  6. No signage is to be taped, stapled, tacked, or adhered to walls without approval from the Property Management Office.
  7. No notices, or signs, should be posted without approval from the Property Management Office.
  8. All Tenant signage shall be professionally installed.