When evacuation is necessary and the order for building evacuation has been given by the Property Manager or Fire Department, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Tenants should immediately initiate an orderly evacuation upon leaving, gather vital belongings, close doors (but do not lock!) behind you, and proceed to the nearest stairwell, remembering at all times to keep to the right (single file) in the stairwells.  Talking should be kept to a minimum so people can hear instructions as necessary.
  2. Do not prop open stairwell doors.
  3. The Floor Warden should direct the evacuation effort on their respective floor.
  4. The Floor Warden should inform all personnel in their area as to when and where to evacuate, and remind staff of their designated meeting area.
  5. The Floor Warden should follow behind to make sure all personnel have evacuated their work area.
  6. IMPORTANT - Identify and give priority to the movement and evacuation of ill and mobility challenged personnel.  The Floor Warden and Deputy should be aware of injured or physically challenged personnel that occupy or visit their area.   If these individuals can evacuate via the stairwells with assistance, then the floor warden should coordinate the effort to assist them.  If stairwell evacuation of these persons is not appropriate, then they should be brought to the service freight elevator lobby.  NOTIFY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (617-497-7711) that such persons are in need of assistance in evacuating the building.  Property Management will inform the Fire Chief, who will provide further instruction and evacuation planning for these persons. 
  7. The Floor Warden’s primary responsibility is to evacuate the personnel on their floor. Individual injuries or illnesses of floor personnel that require administration of first aid or CPR should be reported as soon as possible to the management office and / or the trained first aid personnel of the response team (EMTs, Fire Department, etc…).