The cleaning staff will remove normal office trash and paper each cleaning night. “Trash” stickers are provided by the Property Management Office to help cleaning staff identify items in need of disposal. Cleaning staff is instructed to only discard items inside trash and recycling bins, and items identified by these stickers.

Massachusetts Waste Ban

Excessive trash, disposal of computer equipment, discarded furniture, and otherwise non-regular disposal, must be arranged through the Property Management Office to ensure proper, legal disposal. Massachusetts Waste Bans prohibit large amounts of recyclable materials disposed of in the regular trash, and the property could incur heavy fines for non-compliance.  Tenant cooperation is appreciated, and adherence to these guidelines will reduce costs for the Tenant, and the property.

A successful recycling program is based on a proactive partnership between Tenants and the Management team.  The Property Management Office is committed to helping improve the environment by identifying new recycling opportunities and expanding the building’s recycling efforts.  The reduction of the building waste stream through recycling is not only environmentally responsible, but also provides an opportunity to significantly reduce the building’s operating expenses, a savings shared by all Tenants.

Single Stream Recycling/Blue Recycle Bins

Riverfront Office Park provides blue recycling bins for each Tenant.  These bins will be emptied on a nightly basis by our cleaning staff.  Requests for collection of large amounts of cardboard, plastics, etc. can be arranged through the Property Management Office.  Note that electronic items such as computer monitors, copiers, light bulbs, batteries and toner cartridges should not be disposed of in the trash or recycle bins.  Please contact the Property Management Office for recycling/disposal of these items. Glass/plastic bottles and aluminum cans will be recycled and should be rinsed and placed in the blue recycling bins in kitchen areas.

Recyclable Products for Blue Bin: Unacceptable in Blue Bins:
  • White or colored paper (any color ink)
  • Magazines, Glossy Slick Papers
  • Newspaper, Phone Books
  • Non-window Envelopes
  • Folders or Report Covers
  • Window envelopes
  • Rinsed glass, plastic aluminum
  • Carbon Paper and Self-carbon
  • Forms, Photographic and Blueprint Papers
  • Waxed Paper
    Food Wrappings, Tissues, Napkins, and Paper Towels


Single Stream Recycling FAQ Sheet (opens in new window)

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