The garage is operated for tenants with parking privileges and their guests only. Access and egress is monitored by the property’s card access system, and there is no transient parking for the public. A security guard monitors garage access from the 101 Main security desk.

Garage Rules and Regulations

  1. The parking areas shall be used solely for the parking of vehicles no larger than full-size passenger automobiles.  The parking of trucks, trailer buses, recreational vehicles, campers and boats are specifically prohibited.  Motorcycles are permitted in designated areas.  Please contact the Property Management Office.
  2. No vehicle of any type shall remain in the parking areas overnight without an extended parking pass.  In the event a vehicle is disabled, Tenant shall notify the Property Management Office and shall remove the vehicle within 24 hours.  Landlord reserves the right to remove any vehicle posing a potential risk to the building.
  3. All vehicles shall be parked within the designated parking spaces in conformation will all signs and other markings. Any persons parking in two spaces will be ticketed and towed. Any persons parking in a reserved or handicap parking space will be ticketed and towed immediately.  Please be aware of all parking signage.
  4. The maintenance, repairing, washing, waxing or cleaning of vehicles in the parking areas is specifically prohibited.
  5. The Landlord shall not be responsible for any damage to vehicles, injury to persons or loss of property.  All risks are assumed by the party using the parking area.
  6. Vehicles parked in violation of these parking area rules and regulations may be towed at the vehicle owner’s sole risk and expense.  Tenant shall be responsible for insuring that all of its employees, agents and invitees comply with these parking area rules and regulations.
  7. The Property Management reserves the right to modify these parking area rules and regulations and/or adopt such other responsible rules and regulations as may deem necessary for the proper operation of the parking areas.
  8. Speed limit is 5 miles per hour.
  9. All directional arrows and signs must be observed.
  10. Hybrid parking spaces are located on level 2 near the elevator for each building. These spaces are reserved for Hybrid vehicles only.
  11. Two electric parking stations are available within the parking garage. These are located within the 2nd level parking which is on the Main Street side of the parking garage.

Overnight/Extended Parking Policy

  • Any persons parking in the garage overnight must have a garage access card.  To request overnight parking, users should fill out an Overnight/Extended Parking Request (opens in new window) and submit it via email to their tenant contact.
  • Extended parking passes are not to exceed three (3) business days. 
  • All requests for extended parking passes should contain the following information:
    • Employee’s name, company, and contact number
    • Color, make, model and year of the vehicle
    • State and license plate number
    • Space number or approximate location (if known)
    • Parking Access Card Number. Please do not telephone with this information.
  • The Riverfront Office Park garage is not a storage facility.  Any vehicles parked for more than three (3) business days, or without an Overnight/Extended Parking Request, are subject to being towed without notice.  Any and all costs incurred with the towing or storage of these vehicles will be the sole responsibility of the vehicle’s owner.

Parking Card Access

  • Each Tenant shall be allocated a number of parking garage privileges to be assigned to Building issued photo ID access cards, as determined per their specific lease agreement.
  • Each Tenant must submit to the Property Management office a list of all employees and those with sublease parking privileges.  The Lease-holding Tenant must communicate any change requests, i.e. access privileges, deactivation, reissue a card, or replace a building ID, and/or parking access card directly to the Property Management Office.
  • Cards must be used when entering and exiting the garage.  A card cannot be passed to someone else to allow for an additional car to park in the garage.  Any person without an access card will be denied entrance to the garage, unless prior arrangement has been made through the Property Management Office.
  • Tenants are asked to notify the Property Management Office immediately of all changes in employment status affecting parking privileges of their employees. Former employees’ parking access cards should be de-activated, and may be re-activated at no charge upon their return to the Tenant.

Visitor Parking

  • Visitors are defined as anyone entering the garage without an assigned access card that is visiting your company.  This includes all vendors, training candidates, interviewees, meeting members, clients, and customers, or those individuals without a parking card.
  • There is no public parking at Riverfront Office Park.  Each Tenant has the option to reserve a set number of spaces to be left with the Property Management Office for their visitors’ use (reducing the number of spaces available to employees).  There will be ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. 
  • Visitor Parking access to the Riverfront Office Park Garage is accommodated in the following way:

    1. Reserved Visitor Parking

    Tenants may designate a set number of spaces to be held at the Property Management Office. The number of spaces will determine the number of visitors allowed to park in the garage at any given time. Visitors must identify themselves as a visitor of your company and will be allowed to park in the garage on a first come, first serve basis, or according to any Tenant-provided list. Any visitor registration and or visitor parking request should be provided no later than 4:00 P.M. of the previous business day.

    Should the number of visitors exceed the number of spaces available, they will not be allowed in the garage, and will be directed to find alternative daily/hourly parking. Reserved Visitor Parking is not accommodated on weekends or holidays, unless arrangements have been made in advance through the Property Management Office.

This policy applies to all Tenants.

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